Radio Shack


Radio Console

Lowest level, left to right: Computer, Screen, Morse keys and keyer*, Kenwood TS-890, Icom IC-910HX, stabilised power supply* for the SB-101, IMRC R700M synthesised HF receiver. I was involved in the R700M development in the early 1970s.

Level 2, left to right: Completely re-engineered SB-310* that now covers all HF and WARC bands and to its right is a matching SB-401* which has only been modified to include 160m and full elelctronic break-in. 1.8 - 146MHz dual Z-Match*, multi-rail high voltage power supply*, DAB Broadcast Radio..

Level 3, left to right: 2.5KV 800W power supply*, rig switch console*, Heathkit PSU* for SB-101, aerial switch box*, SB-620 Panadaptor, SB610 station monitor, own manufacture crystal calibrator and absorption wavementer in the mid 1970s, 13.5V 25A power supply*, BNOS 13.5V 25A power supply with thermostatic cooling system, AKD-7003 70cm channelised FM rig and Multiquartz-16 2m channelised FM rig.

Highest level: SB-610 for spares, PC sound system, complete SB-610, Daiwa aerial rotator and SB-300. The rest is work in progress plus an SB-101 with Top Band added and a multi-rail power supply* for 1.4V valve units..

* = homebrew

Test Bench

Bottom row left to right are an HP8640B signal generator, Rigol 1.5GHz spectrum analyser, Marconi TF2008 signal generator, Marconu TF897 audio power meter and behind the lamp and box of small tools on the right is a TF2212A XY display that may be used with the TF2008 signal generator and a log amplifier/detector.

Middle row: the blue unit is a work in progress collection of small items of test equipment contained in a single enclosure underneath a Marconi TF2331 Distortion Factor Meter. Continuing to the right is a Marconi TF2300B underneath a Racal 9916 500MHz counter, two low voltage power supplies, a Heathkit V7-AU valve voltmeter, an HP1741A 100MHz dual beam storage scope underneath a Rigol 100MHz dual beam digital scope.

Top row, left to right: Type 193A crystal test set, Bird Type 43 through-line power meter, Bird 100W 50ohm dummy load, a much modified CT82 noise generator with an external noise generator head, a homemade thermal test chamber and a TF1246 LF-HF power oscillator for use with a TF1245A Q Meter which is just out of view.